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Dongborui Outdoors Co.,Ltd is professional carp fishing tackle supplier located in Shenzhen.Our brand is :  Rigtrip;Rigcarp .In the beginning we engaged in trading business on herabuna fishing tackle.Several years ago,we started to explore the business of carp fishing. From then,we started to sell fishing accessories like line aligner,beads,swivel etc.After several year effort,we have formed a very good carp fishing tackle supply chain .Now our products range from carp fishing accessories,hand made Rigs,carp line,PVA family,method feeder,teflon coating hook,etc. We are willing to work with client on OEM products and some new development of carp fishing tackle.There are many kinds of packaging available in our company. We support packing products in retail bags according to cl...


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Contact: Bruce Zhang

Phone: 13760348386

Tel: +86 -755-85245396

Email: bruce@dongborui.com

Add: Room 610-615,Juzhongyuan Bld,Xihuang Road 1007,Shajing street,Baoan District,Shenzhen China

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